Holy crap I need sleep….

Or a vacation in a beautiful place.  I can’t decide which I need worse.

You know how you hear people say my life is great and I am blessed.

That means they probably have some deep down wish or hope that they long for.

I think mine is sleep, in a beautiful place.  I can go off the grid like no ones business.  I have gone days without picking up my phone.  I have deleted Facebook and Instagram, and have not missed it one tiny bit.  Now I will say that I refuse to give up Pinterest so that I can continue to cook with bad recipes and make crappy crafts.  I don’t really consider that social media though.  Oh, and I don’t Tweet, or Snap Chat, or whatever else might be out there.

Do you know what that has done for me?  Kept me present in my own life.  Not listening to the “I love my husband” (today) and “He is such an ass” (tomorrow), is so refreshing. The fighting.  The family drama.  The tears.  Not missed one tiny bit.

And let me tell you that when you knock that stuff out of your life, and concentrate on the present, instead of what everyone else is doing, it’s calming.  Peaceful.  Like sleep – which I need.

Sleep because the changes happening in my life are crazy.  Uprooting again.  Starting over.  New focuses.  New agendas.  New place to lay my head at some point.

I am a Pisces and we Pisces need and crave sleep.  And to also be near the ocean.  So I need a cooler full of beer, Goldfish crackers, Lunchables, a beach chair with my toes in the sand, and sleep.

And then there is this pic that makes me laugh.  I got this shirt as a joke because every dang movie he picks out has Tom Hanks in it.  What is bad is that he wears itIMG_0124.jpg