Shiny, Happy Things

I heard a conversation recently about all the things someone didn’t like.  Why?  Why make a mental list of the bad things you dwell on?

It made me think of something someone told me once.  The more you think of what makes you unhappy, the more unhappy you will become.

So why the heck don’t people think of the shiny, happy things?  Here are some of my shiny, happy things.

  1. I like a good stretch in the morning.
  2. I like Pinch Me by the Barenaked Ladies because “I just made you say underwear” makes me grin. (Now it’s going to be stuck in your head)
  3. I like when someone else catches your yawn.
  4. I like when it’s cloudy and windy, and you can see the clouds roll across the grass.
  5. If I buy something and it total ends is $  .00.
  6. I like the number 8.  It’s my favorite number.
  7. I like that my pen matches my outfit each day.
  8. I like my Camaro, and when someone tries to race me on the highway.
  9. I like Irish cheese.  That shiz is good.
  10. I like a cold beer, but the best beer is PB&J beer from Catawba Brewing, or Vanilla Bean from NBC.
  11. I like the smell of a puppy’s breath.
  12. I think the smell of a man wearing cologne is the best.
  13. I like iPhones, and all that they do.
  14. I like to laugh, even at my own expense.
  15. I like kids, and old people.  The people in between sometimes aren’t genuine.
  16. I like the smell of cut grass.
  17. I like burnt onions.
  18. I like music.  I don’t function well at work without music.
  19. I like vacuums.  New ones.
  20. My favorite cleaning products are Clorox, Armor All, and Lysol.
  21. I like checking the dates on the food in Scott’s fridge, and then throwing it away.  He likes to grow his own penicillin.
  22. I like hugs from my daddy.
  23. I like Thanksgiving better than Christmas because there isn’t the pressure of presents.
  24. OH!  I like playing Uno and draw four-ing people. (insert evil laugh here)
  25. I like when you get a hug, but then you pull away and they hug you tighter.
  26. And today, I like me.  Just the way I am.

Much Love,




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