Things I’ve Learned In A Month

Life can be a merry go round. It can pause occasionally to let you breathe, but mostly it’s chasing the wind. 

In the past month I have learned a lot. Some things by absorbing my surroundings, and some by the teachings of others. Either method should make you stop, absorb, learn and move on. 

Here are some things that stood out louder than others:

  1. My siblings and I can be in the same room without blood being shed!  That in itself could be the 8th wonder of the world.  Now that’s not to say that there wasn’t eye rolling, secret coded messages, and huffs and puffs. (Yes I admit I did those, gimme a break)
  2. I am a green eyed monster. I, Jamie, am a jealous person. There. I said it. Whew that’s hard to admit. It’s not over material things, it’s over compassion, and love, and feelings, and romance, and commitment. 
  3. I found an actual kid that doesn’t like me. Now folks this is a first. I am the proverbial kid magnet, and I have a great nephew that looked at me like I was the spawn of Satan himself!  I tried and tried with this little boy and he was having none of it. I gave up. I started to feel like I was trying to bribe him to like me. It’s ok. I will see him this fall and my goal is to win this kid over. And when this happens, I will buy myself a medal and run laps to “We Are The Champions”. 
  4. I learned in a Nebraska airport at 5:55am that the man across from me had a mother who was a tennis champion in 1919. He lost an eye with a Badmitton birdie in the third grade. He just had his knee replaced and it hurt still, but he was going to Cancun anyway. He was a…….at this point I grabbed my phone and quit listening. 
  5. Refer to #4, I am not a morning person. 
  6. I was reminded that I am still not married after being divorced 11 years by a co-worker. Then was asked why. 😒
  7. I used nasal spray for the first time and I could freaking breathe. This was probably the most exciting thing that I’ve discovered this year. 
  8. I learned that the reason my boyfriend hasn’t proposed is because I choose not to be around his ex father in law. Someone who is verbally mean, snarky, self righteous, and rude. (They’re still close, which I think is cool. I just don’t want negativity in my life). He thinks I should blow it off. I think I’m cool not going around him, and he can go whenever he wants to. It’s a win win I thought. Guess not. 
  9. I learned that I am the only person that in my adult life will ever take care of me. 
  10. I learned that one of my sisters is purposely leaving me out of her wedding planning, and I didn’t understand why. My Facebook activated without me doing it. I saw in my email a notification, and made me check since it wasn’t active. So I did, it was, so I poked around a bit. I saw she picked out her dress in January. I didn’t even know. Found out the same way the public did.  That’s shitty, but she is who she is.  I asked her. It boils down to me fishing off a pier instead of sitting on the beach with her, and also inviting my parents over for Thanksgiving – when she went to Virginia that day anyway. Petty. 
  11. I learned that I am great in a room full of people, or I am great alone. I’m not great being fake though. My face says it all. That’s what makes me who I am though. 

Much love,



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