Ages and Stages

I have come to the conclusion that not many people have manners any more.

What happened to not commenting on someone’s weight?  Or how their personal life is going, unless it’s offered?  Or how about your age?

I think society has lost its damn marbles!

I decided to take a break, and go to the mail room to use the bathroom.  Just to stretch my legs.  Get some air.  Break the monotony.  I came upon a gaggle of women.  Ugh oh – I wanted to run, but they saw me.  I was in the cross hairs of what was sure to be a conversation I didn’t want to be involved in.

I scurried into the bathroom as quickly as possible to avoid any topic that they were discussing.  I don’t care who looks ugly today.  I don’t care who is sleeping with who.  I don’t care who took a late lunch, or is in trouble.  I just wanted to pee, and breathe, and stretch my legs.  Not necessarily in that order.

I thought that I took long enough, and that they would have moved on, but not so much.  So as I exit, they ask me if I am married or related to a man that works here, because before I went back to my maiden name, we shared the same last name.  So I say that I am not his wife, daughter, or distant cousin.  We are of no relation.  Then out of the blue, I am asked how old I am. Seriously??!!??!!??  Now, I am not afraid of my age.  I’m 44 and in two weeks I will be 45.  I am rocking middle age.  Yes I have some pudge around my mid section, but I’m working on that.  I keep my hair up to date, my make up fresh, and I have the optimism of a 43 year old.   : )

What did I do in this situation?   Why I turned it around on her!  I said well how old are you?  She proceeds to tell me that she is my age.  Then I tell her I am 44 as well.  Did it stop there?  NOPE!  I bet that I was asked 5-6 more personal questions, that I didn’t answer.  I was going to keep up the game until she decided it wasn’t worth getting the run around.  I was having fun.  Every question she asked me, I asked her right back without giving her an answer.  Do you know how uncomfortable that makes people?  I think I found a new weapon of choice.  I will call it Boomerang Words.  They can’t handle it, and to watch them squirm was delightful.

It’s not that I care how old I am, or that people know it.  Work environments with females is horrific.  I have always said that I’d rather work with 10 men per 1 female that I have to now.  They don’t care if you burp.  They don’t care if your hair is a mess, or your eye liner isn’t even.  They don’t care if you don’t feel like talking, and I actually think they prefer it.

It’s sad to know that had I answered all of her questions, before I got back to my desk, it would have been told to at least 3-4 people.  So where are the morals and values that I was raised with?  Where are the people that mind their own business?

This is why I don’t Tweet, or Instagram, or Facebook any more.  People only troll those sites looking for information to “know”, not care about.

So Trollers be gone!  Gossipers be gone!  Gaggle of women who shouldn’t be standing next to the pooper, be gone!



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